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In my plan, we are beltless
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good...
It's definitely been freezing for the past week. I bought a headwarmer and basically haven't taken it off except to sleep and swim. I have headwarmer-hair rather than hat hair. Anyway, so far second semester has been pretty hectic but I'm still loving it. Unbelievablely enough, in a week I'll be in Princeton for Ivys. It's weird to think about life as a student without swimming. Since 5th grade it's been a constant part of my week. Hopefully I won't use all my extra time for worthless endeavors. On second though, that actually doesn't sound like too bad an idea.
Anyway, LOST is back tonight and I'm pretty excited. Hopefully the pace will pick up some for the rest of the season but I should probably know better than to wish for such things.
So I'm officially done with my first semester at Brown. I can't believe it went by so quickly. Yesterday was our last practice of the year. Afterwards Barbara and I found out that her flight to CO was cancelled due to the blizzard so she came home with me.
This week has been terrible otherwise. I don't know why bad things seem to happen in threes. Tomorrow we're going to New York for the funeral before heading to CT for Christmas Eve at my Aunt Laura's. It'll be good to get in some quality family time.
Then on the 2nd I'm heading to Florida for training trip before heading back to Brown and training until classes start the 27th. But we got an email today saying that our pool is closed indefinitely for inspection of the roof that amy be structurally unstable, so who knows what will happen with that.
Anyway, that's all for now. It's been forever since I've written in this and figured it was about time.
Happy holidays!
i fuckin love brown.

and semi=drunk livejouranl updates :)

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Steve Erwin is dead. I'm devastated.

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I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post. I used to be so good with this thing. So far I've had to say a few goodbyes, and it's been strange. Adding the fact that I won't be coming back to my house here in GA ever again makes it especially strange. The weekend after state was our goodbye party with the Marlin clan. I'm going to miss this team so much, and especially the coach I've had for ten years. But I'm definitely coming back to visit next summer.

We've also been insanely busy preparing for our move. For me, preparing for two moves. I'm pretty much set with all my dorm stuff, and cannot wait to move in. I'm so thrilled for Orientation Week, it's going to be amazing. 22 days...

Tonight was the last time I'll have dinner with both Jenny and Rachel for who knows how long. It's really surreal. They are my closest, oldest friends. I'm so lucky to have known them these past ten years and to have made so many wonderful memories with them. But I know for us this isn't "goodbye" but "see you later." Jenny and Rachel, I love you guys.

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Hmm, what's new with me.

1. I swam in my last summer league meet ever a few weeks ago. My last event was the freestyle relay with Drew, Mike, and Kendra. I wore a goofy jester hat, a guy's suit over my own, and sandals on my hands. Lame, yes, but I had fun.

2. Been going to ice cream a lot with Jenny and Rach. Oh wait, that's nothing new. Umm, we've also climbed Kennesaw Mountain the past 2 weekends and that has been quite enjoyable.

3. To take up where I last left off, I finally have a facebook. The student ID# I needed to activate my email account and make a facebook came, ironically, with the bill for first semester.

4. I'll be swimming in my first competitive meet since my shoulder in injury in December next wekeend. I'm only swimming a couple of events, I'm expecting it to be dreadful, but at least I get to swim and hang out with the team. My Senior Rep for GA Swimming position also will expire that weekend.

5. I did pilates today for the first time since May. My goal is to be in shape (shoulder healed and all) no later than October 1, when the Brown swim season begins.

6. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean at midnight, making it the 7th midnight show I've been to. I found the film very enjoyable.

7. I plan on taking a vacation in August and will be heading up to see the sis in Boston and most of the rest of my family in NYC. Not sure of the exact plans, but I may be taking up all of my college stuff then and just hanging until I move in.

8. Oh yeah, I can't wait until Brown. In the words of Spongebob, "I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready!"

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Dear Brown,

I should have a facebook by now.

Disgruntled Freshman

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So today we had an open house from 2-5, meaning we had to clear out along with Orbit. So we went to Kennesaw Mountain, and I decided to climb up. Less than 6 hours later my ass was already hurting. Tomorrow should be fun when I can hardly walk.

I spent the rest of the day catching up on The 4400 before the premiere of season 3 tonight. And we had hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner, which it totally my summer favorite. And to end this lovely Sunday, I watched the first episode of Dane Cook's Tourgasm. He's a silly bitch.

Ahhh another exhausting week of work and swimming starts tomorrow. Woo summer.

Peace out.

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So so far my summer has been hectic. Last week all I had time for was swimming, coaching, lessons, appointments, and sleeping (by 10 each night, I might add... sad, I know). But I had a lovely, relaxing weekend. Spent some time with the sister before she returned to Brandeis for summer school and finished Veronica Mars season 1 with Jenny. This week will be less crazy than last week, for which I'm thankful.

And so begins my last summer in Georgia. Hopefully it will include an amazing beach trip with my friends and tons of other fun things. I can't believe that in 3 months I'll be at Brown. And my entire family will be living in Boston. Crazy how times change.

Anyway, I put all the pictures from graduation weekend up on Webshots. It pretty much rocked.


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new pictures from last night's extravaganza.

I graduate in a week!

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