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winter - In my plan, we are beltless
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good...
It's definitely been freezing for the past week. I bought a headwarmer and basically haven't taken it off except to sleep and swim. I have headwarmer-hair rather than hat hair. Anyway, so far second semester has been pretty hectic but I'm still loving it. Unbelievablely enough, in a week I'll be in Princeton for Ivys. It's weird to think about life as a student without swimming. Since 5th grade it's been a constant part of my week. Hopefully I won't use all my extra time for worthless endeavors. On second though, that actually doesn't sound like too bad an idea.
Anyway, LOST is back tonight and I'm pretty excited. Hopefully the pace will pick up some for the rest of the season but I should probably know better than to wish for such things.